Korg M1

The M1 became the top-selling digital synthesizer of its time for many reasons. Certainly the 90's business of house music had something to do with that. The percussive piano patch, for my money, is still better than anything on the market for a live gig. It's hard to mistake it's sound when you hear it on classic records. Too, the organ patch which is iconic with all those classics of house, and is replicated today, but never bettered. Although, one of it's major down sides is that it's harmonics mean that the whole scale rarely works in a tune. Never-the-less, my favourite synth.

  • Made from 1988–1995 and originally sold for over $2,000.
  • 16 voices, 8 part Timbr, Osc 16 bit 2MWord PCM waveform ROM.
  • 100 multisounds + 44 drum sounds Digital sample-based subtractive synthesis
  • Variable Digital Filter, low-pass velocity sensitive (non-resonant), Attenuator 3 independent AADBSSRR envelope generators.
  • Effects Reverb, delay, phaser, tremolo, exciter, ensemble, overdrive, EQ, chorus, flanger, rotary speaker.